Attractions On The Way To Munnar

Here are the top places to visit on the way to Munnar.

Adimali Town

According to National Geographic Traveller Kerala well known as God’s own country is one among the 50 destinations not to be missed in the lifetime. If Kerala is so then Munnar situated in the High Ranges is the paradise of India and Adimali is the gateway to paradise. Adimali Town situated at an altitude of 1750 ft above the sea level and lies 30KM west of Munnar on the N.H 49 is blessed with moderate soothing climate. The panoramic view from the town is mind blowing. The Adimali is a fast growing town and also a famous trade centre of hill produce and spices. Away from Munnar Adimali town is where you can get comfortable stay and delicious food at moderate rates. The Adimali Grama Panchayat welcomes you once you cross the Neriyamangalam Bridge across Periyar River, the longest and beautiful river of Kerala running through a distance of 244km.


Neriyamangalam Bridge


The Neriyamangalam Bridge is the first arch bridge in South India which is having 250 meters length and 4.9 meters width. This beautiful bridge was constructed in the year 1935 by Rama Varma Chithirathirunal Maharaja of erstwhile Travancore State. When you cross the bridge to the High Ranges the climate suddenly becomes cool as you enter the Malayattoor Forest Reserve. A journey of 28km from Neriyamangalam, eastern boundary of Adimali up to Adimali town through the thick forest with exotic flora and fauna. On the either side of road through the forest one can see and identify century old big trees such as Mahagony, rosewood, Teak, Abony, Erul, etc. A traveller passing through the road will enjoy the sights of monkeys sitting in row on the culverts on either side of the road. The sweet melody of cuckoos, chirping of cricketers and cracking of frogs all create a feeling that you are amidst evergreen monsoon forest.


Cheeyapara Waterfall

maxresdefaultCheeyapara waterfall is a seasonal one which is seen during monsoon. The major attraction of it is falling of water from a height of 1100 feet and falls down with heavy force on 13 rock slabs step by step continuously to fall hardly one feet close to the Cheeyapara bridge. Even while passing the way you can enjoy the spray and bubbles of the fall which is lovely and fantastic. Rainbow is found in the morning sunshine upon the spray of water and perhaps it is one of the few waterfalls one can view from its bottom standing so close to the water which is usually possible when we go in a boat only. Fresh up facilities are provided besides it. It is believed that the falling water has medicinal value as the water comes from Western Ghats famous for the growth of valuable rare herbs such as “Mrithasanjeevani”.



Valara Waterfall

Valara waterfall is just 1 km from Cheeyappara waterfalls. This is formed as a result of the entire Deviyar River suddenly falling down from a height of 200 feet downwards. Roaring sound coupled with foam create a misty atmosphere all around the waterfall along with cool breeze which will take you for a moment to the heights of happiness.