Kuthirakuthi Mala, A Less Explored Tourist Spot..

Kuthirakuthy Mala View Point

Kuthirakuthy mala view point is a newly discovered tourist destination on the way to Munnar. It is a hill top situated at a height of 1ooo ft above the sea level and its valley is Deviyar colony, a small town at a distance of 35km from Munnar. The scope of tourism industry in this area is discovered recently only. It is the most attractive view point of Idukki district which gives the view of Kochi (the queen of Arabian Sea) on one side.


The most suitable time to visit the view point is in the morning from 6 A.M to 10 A.M to watch the magnificent sunrise and between 4 P.M to 7 P.M to witness the sunset. Even though less explored now, it is sure to have more attention from Idukki DTPC and KTDC in the coming years. The place is suitable for trekking and rock climbing. The hill itself welcomes you the panoramic view of a vast expanse of green tall grass. This is an ideal photo shoot location as well. The climate is moderate through the day with an ever blowing breeze of fresh air. And it is not a crowded tourist spot like the other places around Munnar and thus refreshes you body and soul.


This is the most suitable trekking path in Valara.