Munnar is a hill station in Idukki District , Kerala which is one of the maor torist destination of Kerala which is from even from the ages of British Empire. Munnar became known to the outside world during the reign of British Empire in India. It was in the  outside world 1870s  a British Resident of the then Travancore kingdom named John Daniel Munro visited the place. He visited the place to settle the border dispute between Travancore and the nearby state of Madras . Munro was so impressed with the panoramic view of the region. He had great interest in plantation and felt Munnar would be a better pace for it.  At that time it was under the jurisdiction of Poonjar Royal family. Among the rolling hills of Munnar  he found the Kanan Devan hills for plantation and bought it for lease from  Rohini Thirunal Kerala Varma Valiya Raja, fondly called as Kela Varma Raja.

North Travancore Land Planting & Agricultural Society was formed by Munro in  1879. Members of the society started cultivation of crops, including coffee, cardamom, cinchona and sisal in various parts of the region. Later they found tea to be the ideal crop for the region and A.H Sharp, a European  planted tea in around 50 acres of land at Parvathy. Ad then tea plantation flourished in the region when James Finlay and Company  Limited bought 33 independent estates.

In 1895, Finlay Muir & Company (James Finlay and Company Limited) entered the scene and bought 33 independent estates.  In 1964, the Tata Group entered into collaboration with Finlay which resulted in the formation of the Tata-Finlay Group. Tata Tea Ltd. was formed in 1983. In 2005, the Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company Pvt. Ltd. was formed and Tata Tea transferred the ownership of its plantations to the new company. Employees of Tata Tea hold stake in the company.  Now along with tea plantation tourism is the growing industry of Munnar.