Best Time to Visit Munnar – Seasons of Munnar


The best time to visit Munnar is from October to April. Winter hits Munnar by the end of October and prevails for around 3 months. The temperature usually reaches negative degree Celsius by the month of December. During summer temperature varies from 15 to 35 Degree Celsius. But the atmosphere remains cool and pleasant throughout the year.

Summer at Munnar

The summer season begins at Munnar by March and lasts till May. The temperature varies from 20 to a maximum of 35 degree Celsius during this season. But still Munnar remains a best place to escape for the weekenders as well as leisure travellers.

Winter at Munnar

Winter is the ideal season to visit Munnar and also to engage in activities like trekking, climbing and many more. The dawn and dusk gifts you mist covered hill tops.

Monsoon at Munnar

Munnar experiences a moderate to heavy rainfall. Tourism at Munnar shows a down trend during this season. It begins by the month of June and lasts till October. During this season Munnar gives you a charismatic view of its Greenery.