Rent-a-bike in Munnar: Everything you need to know about Munnar bike rentals.

Munnar has become one of the most sought after destinations for leisure as well as adventure tourism. It has caught the fancy of bikers across the country because of it picturesque views and beautiful curvy roads. Well even if you can’t bring your precious motorcycle all way to Munnar, fret not you can very much rent a bike and explore this part of the world!

Exploring Munnar on a bike can be a wonderful experience. Apart from riding a bike all the way to the hill station, Munnar offers you the very enticing option of renting a bike and getting around the place on your own! Self-riding bike rentals offer you the freedom to go anywhere anytime. There won’t be drivers compelling you to get back to the hotel soon nor haggling with the cabbies for a lower price. Also, they tend to be cheaper than taking taxies and rickshaws.

Moreover, most of Munnar is occupied by the Tata Tea Estate. The roads next to the estate are not broad enough. During the tourism season, they are prone to traffic blocks. Renting a bike will help you to evade the traffic.

The best places to rent a bike in Munnar

There are many places to rent a bike in and around Munnar. You may ask your tour operator or your hotel manager about the best bike rentals in the locality.

Here we list few agencies and their contact details from where you can hire a bike in Munnar,

1) Sangeetha Bikes

It is near to Munnar KSRTC stand.

Open from 6 in morning till 5.30 in the evening. ₹500.

Rate : ₹500.

Contact Person:  Chandran

Number: 944 722 0648, 0486 522 31113

2) Gokulam Bike Rental

Gokulam Bike Rental agency in Munnar is located at a walking distance from Munnar KSRTC bus stand. The rental hour is from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Royal Enfield: ₹800 | Yamaha FZ:₹600 | Pulsar: ₹500 | TVS Star:₹400 | Honda Activa:₹400

Contact Person: Sudheer

Number  : 944 723 7165,  984 636 6135

Disclaimer: We do not have any business with these bike rental agencies and are not responsible for any issues related to your bike rentals.

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How much does it cost to rent a bike in Munnar?

In the peak season, you can rent a Bajaj Pulsar for around Rs 500 a day and a Honda Activa scooter for around Rs 400 a day. Royal Enfield costs Rs 1000 a day.

The off-season rates are the only tad better. Pulsar goes for approximately Rs 400 a day and a Honda Activa scooter will cost you as little as Rs 300 a day. Royal Enfield costs Rs 800 per day.

These rates are not accurate or up to date. Please contact them directly and inquire yourself. Since its a tourist attraction the prices are always negotiable.

What do I need to rent a bike in Munnar?

Indian citizens are required to have the following documents:

1. License: You will need a valid two-wheeler license which you would need to submit to the bike dealer when you rent the bike. You can keep a copy with you while you drive.

2. Identification: If you do not wish to submit your license and want to keep it with you while riding, you would need to submit a valid photo ID like a PAN card or passport that you can submit. You will rarely find a dealer who will be willing to give you a vehicle without keeping an original document of yours as collateral.

3. Security Deposit: Some bike dealers might ask for a small security amount before renting. It will be refunded on the returning the bike.

What do I need to keep in mind while renting a bike in Munnar?

1. Test the bike: Take the bike for a test run of 100-200m before you finalize on one. A few bikes might be old and not in good condition. Also, riding in Munnar can be quite risky. The roads in Munnar are steep and narrow. So, you need to make sure that the brakes are functional. Also, don’t forget to check the headlights and the rear-view mirrors.

2. Ensure you have the dealer’s contact information: Before you leave, do not forget to ask for the bike dealer’s mobile/contact number. It might come handy. Moreover, some dealers might have contacts across the state. So renting a bike becomes easier if travel to another part of Kerala.

3. Check the fuel: When you choose a bike, check the fuel levels. Bikes rented out with less petrol in them. Ask for the nearby petrol stations at the rentals

4. Safety on the Road: Make sure you have all the bike’s documents before you take over the two-wheeler. You might need to produce the documents. Helmets are compulsory for all riders in Kerala. Make sure you get one along with your bike. Do not pay extra for your helmets as it is covered in your daily rent.

5.Return and damage: Try and return your bike on time. If you happen to be late even by a couple of hours, you might be charged more. If there are any scratches or damages to the bike before you rent it, take pictures of it before you begin your ride. That way, while returning your bike, you cannot be charged for damages that you are not responsible for. But, if you are indeed responsible for any damages, be honest and pay up.

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