Top 10 Places to Visit in Munnar

Munnar is a hill station located in the Southern part of India. The hill station in the beautiful
western ghats is famous for the pleasant climate it favours all year round. Home to the most
endangered species of flora and fauna, Munnar is a must visit place in India for its serene
topography and the stunning weather. Here are the 10 rather important places you don’t want to
miss on your next visit to Munnar.

1. Mattupetty Dam

Located at a distance of 13km from Munnar, this dam is a popular picnic spot for the tourists
coming to Munnar. If you are lucky enough to visit this place on a clear blue sky day, you can
have an idea of what a picturesque landscape actually means. The echo point which is some
distance away is an added attraction to the visit.

2. Top Station

Top Station is the highest point in Munnar which is easily accessible to the tourists. The viewpoint offers the best of the sceinic beauty of the western ghats. The fog covered view of the
surrounding hills is a visual treat to every peaceful soul. Top Station located at a distance of
41km from Munnar is a place no one wants to miss in their visit to Munnar.

3. Eravikulam National Park

The national park which is home to the highly endangered species of mountain goats (Nilgiri
Tahr) is a very attractive tourist spot. The park managed by Kerala government promises you a
very pleasing bus ride through the Tea plantations to the top of the hill. The evenings here is
really fog covered that you will admire the peace of mind. The Eravikulam National Park which
is just 13km away from Munnar is the perfect outing that you can give to your family.
4. Kundala Lake

The hill surrounded lake is sure to provide a peaceful time. Away from the rushes of the city life,
you can feel the calm ambience of nature. Lake providing the beautiful view of the hilly
landscape is one good place to do a boating with all your companions. The lake situated
between Munnar and Mattupetty is one awesome experience to have in Munnar.

5. Pothanmedu View Point

Pothanmedu is a photographic viewpoint where you get to walk through the plantations to
reach the top. The view here is so energising that we could blend our soul to the fresh fragrance
of the tea plantation. The viewpoint is just 3km away from Munnar on NH47 and is sure to
impress any truckers with the calm and serene ambience of the western ghats.

6. Blossom Hydel Park

The park is situated 3km from Munnar and is often considered as the best place to hangout
with families. The garden is well maintained and is a suitable place for picnics. The park has
some activities for the kids and adults can have some relaxing time in the shades. Hydelpark
worth a visit for the calm person in you.

7. Anayirangal Lake

The lake located nearby TATA tea plantation is the most idyllic picnic spot near Munnar. The
place is so blessed that you can have all new feeling of boating in a lake surrounded by tea
plantation, evergreen forests, rolling grasslands and hillocks. As it sounds, so many attractions
in a single package. Anayirangal lake is just 22km away from Munnar and frequented by the
tourists. Sighting of Elephants in herds is another reason that you don’t want to miss this place
in your next visit to Munnar.

8. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

Tourists coming to Munnar cannot miss the chance to be in the world’s highest Tea Plantation.
And in Munnar when you get higher the view gets better, that is what Kolukkumalai have for you.
Trekking to the peak gives you one of the most amazing views you can get. The feeling this place
gifts worth the 35km you travel from Munnar to get to this place. Kolukkumalai is that place in
Munnar where you can get the calm air bringing freshness to your inner soul.

9. Marayoor

Away from rushes of the Munnar tourist spots, Marayoor is a must visit the place. Famous for the
sandalwoods and fresh Jaggery, the place has its relevance dated back to stone age. The apple
farm and other offbeat attractions do worth the 42km you travel from Munnar. As the name
suggests Marayoor “The hidden land”, have many such attractions hidden that you need to
explore it at least once while you visit Munnar.

10. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The nature lovers in you wouldn’t want to miss this place for sure. Blessed with the wildness
and beauty, you can see the nature at its best while you visit here. The eco-tourism programme
here gives you the trekking experience in the core wildlife. And a one night stay in this facility
would bring the adrenaline in you to the maximum, with all lot of wildlife sightings and the
freshness of the forest atmosphere. And the Thoovanam waterfalls is a sight you don’t want to
miss. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a few distance away from Marayoor and about 60km away
from Munnar.