Wonder Valley Munnar -Review of Adventure and Family Theme Park in Munnar.

Wonder Valley Munnar is your new reason for a family trip to Munnar . Wonder Valley, one of the latest additions to the Munnar magic, is a Family theme park started near Anachal, 13 km from Munnar. Their mission, simply, is the ideal family time – a perfect space to relax, rejoice and re-energize with pollution free air while providing fun activities and thrilling adventures for all ages.

Like any typical theme park, Wonder Valley has dozens of fun rides that your kids (and maybe even yourself) can enjoy and is guaranteed to make your day. But what makes it special? Here are some of the main attractions of this new family theme park.

Water Fall and Rides

wonder valley munnar

Unlike the usual theme parks, Wonder Valley offers thrilling slides and rides for all age groups with fresh, clean waters that will ensure a never before experience. One of the best experience of wonder valley munnar is its natural waterfall. You can bath under this waterfall and there even a small cave inside this waterfall like we see in Hollywood fictional movies, all that is natural. The waterfall have made active even in summer season when all other waterfalls around munnar will dry off.

Human Gyroscope Ride


Human Gyroscope, also known as 3-D Space Ring is a ride peculiar to the place. It can rotate 360 degrees, which makes passengers feel that they are rotated in three dimensional space and staying true its name, the assured rush of adrenaline from the ride gives the stimulated feelings.

Rain Forest trek trail


Love trekking but afraid of heights? Then this is your go to place. At Wonder Valley, Munnar you can experience the jungle and enjoy the sound of nature as you go through the trail ,set in the middle of the water theme park.

Tree Top Adventures


Wonder valley also has a Nature Reserved Area where they have prepared dozens of tree top adventure activities for you. Designed to provide the pleasure of living in the woods, the area contains a Tree house, where you can explore the bliss of livelihood in the jungle and carefully hand crafted wooden bridges that lets you walk from one tree to another and will indeed prove to be some of the interesting, pleasurable moments of life that you can later recall, or even better, come and experience again.

Bungee Jumping


Wonder valley Munnar is also home to the only bungee jumping spot of Munnar. Undoubtedly this will be one of the most amazing experiences you must have- the adrenaline rush of falling from the sky, jumping from a bumpy platform tied to the pillar on either sides and of course, flying.

Play port


When the little ones want to burn up some energy, Play Port is the place for them to climb and slide. This modular play unit is located in the heart of the park with seating for parents while the tots maneuver their way through the maze of tubed tunnels and slides.


Here is there promotional video of  Wonder Valley Munnar showing all real time experiences from the park.

Apart from all these attractions, there are many food stalls serving coffee, fresh corn, samosas and other snacks and is a great place to take a break while exploring Wonder Valley Munnar. There are also food courts serving various cuisines, providing dishes that span across countries, from Chinese to Italian, North Indian to South Indian, tandoori to chettinad and all that you love to taste. Special attention is being given to health.

Wonder Valley Munnar Entry Fees

The entry ticket fees of wonder valley munnar is Rs.800 per head. Everybody above age five must take the ticket in order to enter the park. You can try about 45-50 rides for this ticket including the 12d cinema ride, horse riding etc.
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